Inspect That Birmingham, Oxford, Huntsville, Anniston, AL & West Georgia Property Before You Buy

Protect your investment when you get a commercial inspection

It doesn't matter if you're buying a restaurant or a corporate office space, you need to make sure your new building is adequate by your standards and by state law. Ensure both when you hire Born Inspections to perform your commercial inspection in Huntsville, Birmingham, Anniston, Oxford, AL, West Georgia and the surrounding area

Why do you need to get a commercial building inspection?

Why do you need to get a commercial building inspection?

At this point, you've already thought about getting a commercial inspection. But do you really need to get your building inspected before you buy it? If you're a savvy businessperson, the answer is definitely "yes." You need a commercial building inspection to:


  • Avoid making a bad real estate deal
  • Free yourself from personal liability
  • Ensure compliance with Alabama laws
  • Find out how much you'll spend in renovations

Protect your investment (and cover your own back) when you get that building inspected by Born Inspections. Call us today at 844-267-6467 to schedule your inspection.